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Message from Director

The aim of education is to develop the total personality of mankind. This implies all-round development of the full potential of a human being in terms of body, mind and soul.

A teacher has to play a great role in our society by giving value education to its pupil who assumes special significance to lay, due to present day phenomenon of corruption, dishonesty, selfishness and moral pollutions. I feel great pleasure that the ALMIGHTY has given me an insight to open and run an educational institution particularly teacher’s training.

I am grateful to the National Council for Teachers Education (N.C.T.E) Eastern Regional Committee, Bhubaneswar for giving recognition to my institution for intake of 100 students. I am also thankful to the Director (Secondary Education) Govt. of Jharkhand for giving N.O.C. to the Institution.

Lastly, I welcome all the new entrant to my intuitions and I promise to provide them all facilities needed for a Good Teachers Training Programme.

Quazi Shakeel Ekta

Dhanbad Teachers Training College
Education is power.

Gopalganj, Nirsa, Dhanbad(Jharkhand)
Phone No: 8294223377/9798001323
Email: dhanbaddttc@gmail.com