About Us

Mission & Vision

To imbibe in pupil the sense of devotions, dedication and determination towards their responsibility as a responsible teacher, mentor and citizen of the motherland.

To embolden the pupil the feeling of nationalism, secularism, universal brotherhood and creating perfect resource person to help strengthen the democratic & human values, nation integration and international understanding.

Training the pupil to create a visionary "Global Citizen" embedded with the feeling and values for human right and infuse in them the sense of accountability towards fundamental duties as enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

The set of education designed in such a way that it shall work as medium in changing the way the teachers think about their role and responsibilities.

" Dhanbad Teachers Training College"  the right take off platform for people pursuing teaching career.

Dhanbad Teachers Training College
Education is power.

Gopalganj, Nirsa, Dhanbad(Jharkhand)
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